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Indian cuisine is synonymous with curries. An Indian curry can exist in literally any form. There are dry curries, wet curries, sour curries, sweet curries, mind-numbingly spicy curries and what not. Let’s look at some authentic Indian curries from different states-


You might have heard this name from your gujju friend. Undhiyu is made from winter produce in Gujrati households. Undhiyu is a full of flavour mixed vegetable curry from the State of Gujarat mainly from Surat region of India. One serving of this and you are good for a week, as far as veggies are concerned because it is so healthy!

 Kori Gassi

A suspicious name for a curry, kori gassi is a delicacy from Mangalore. Kori’ translates to ‘chicken’ and ‘Gassi’ means ‘curry’ in Tulu language. This chicken curry is made by slow cooking the chicken with a blend of fragrant spices, roasted coconut and coconut milk. The piquant masala adds a unique flavour to this chicken curry. It is served with thin rice rotis or neer dosa.

Mirchi ka Salan

A curry made from chillies? You read that right! Hyderabadi Mirchi ka Salan is an Indian curry made from chillies, flavoured with a paste of roasted peanuts, coconut, red chillies and sesame seeds. This curry is usually eaten with infamous Hyderabadi biryani. If you are a spicy food lover, this curry is definitely for you!

Malabar vegetable Ishtu

While it is popularly believed that Kerala cuisine entirely consists of seafood, it is not true! Kerala cuisine also consists of an amazing vegetable curry which is lovingly called ishtu. Malabar Vegetable Ishtu is a vegetable stew made with coconut, curry leaves and black pepper. So, if you think that all Indian curries are spicy, let me tell you that, it is not!

Butter chicken

Popularly eaten by literally everyone in India, Butter chicken or Murg makhani is a signature dish of northern India. Butter chicken is one of the most popular chicken recipes in India. Golden fried chicken pieces are cooked in a creamy tomato base. It is best served with roti, naan or pulao.

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